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Jenny Pahl


Jenny Pahl



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Research Interests

Autism Spectrum Disorders; Cultural and Linguistic Diversity; Developmental Speech Sound Disorders; Language Learning Disability; Intellectual Disability


Senior Lecturer

Mrs Jennifer Pahl graduated with a BSc (Log) from UCT and came to work back a one year national education bursary at the Browns School in Pinetown. At that time there was a small group of Speech-Language Therapists in the province and in Durban, and training in Speech-Language Pathology had recently started. She was approached to join the UKZN’s Speech Language-Pathology department when it had its first cohort of final year students as her experience matched a gap in the teaching. At that stage, the department was on the top floor of J-Block, where clients for the training clinics had to battle temperamental lifts and when students often got off busses faced with riot police. After three years, she returned to education so she could spend time with her son. In this time she completed her Masters in the United States and in 1990 she returned to the Speech Language-Pathology department, which was now based in E-Block. 
The Senior Lecturer has lectured at UKZN for 28 years in total and is now the longest serving academic staff member. She lectures and does clinical work and research supervision in cultural and linguistic diversity, developmental speech sound disorders, language learning disability including disorders of written language, and in the communication disorders associated with autism spectrum disorder, intellectual disability, cerebral palsy and paediatric HIV. ResearchGate Profile

List of Publications

Moodley, S., Chetty, S. & Pahl, J. (2005). The school-based Speech-Language Therapist: Choosing multicultural texts. South African Journal of Communication Disorders, 52, pp. 40-50  

 de Rauville, I, Chetty, S. & J Pahl (2006). Current management for word finding difficulties by Speech-Language Therapists in South African remedial schools. South African Journal of Communication Disorders 53. Pp. 58-75  

Pahl, J. & Kara, M. (1992). The Renfrew Word Finding Scale: Application to the South African context. South African Journal of Communication Disorders, 39, pp. 69-73