Prof Mershen Pillay


Prof Mershen Pillay



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Westville Campus


Associate Professor

 Research interest  Ototoxicity, swallowing disorders, professional development  
 Biosketch  Mershen Pillay is an Audiologist and Speech Therapist. He worked at the ex-UDW across several years between 1993 to 2003 and then at Stellenbosch University from late 2012 to early this year prior to returning to KZN in April. He also holds an honorary positions at the University of Cape Town as a Research Associate and at Manchester Metropolitan University (England) as a Visiting Research Scholar. Mershen has, in over two decades, worked mostly as a clinical practitioner in England, the United Arab Emirates and South Africa. He has held positions as the Editor-in-Chief of the SA Journal of Communication Disorders and has presented/published his work in Africa – including South Africa and Uganda – and in various countries in Asia, Europe, North America and the Caribbean. His clinical research interests are in swallowing disorders (dysphagia) and hearing disorders due to chemical exposures in the workplace. He is passionate about theoretically and practically repositioning the way in which health care professionals work with people who have disabilities. ResearchGate Profile