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Speech-Language Therapy (SLT) is a health care profession concerned with the field of communication. It serves to rehabilitate people with disorders of communication as well as prevent communication disorders. It is closely related to the fields of Audiology, Medicine, Special Education, and Psychology. 

We train students to become Speech-Language Therapists

Did you know that UKZN is the only institution in KwaZulu-Natal that offers a programme which allows you to get the ”hands-on” experience of learning about the science of speech. Our students run support groups for children and adults with disability in the Valley of 1000 Hills area: here students are working in a transdisciplinary team to stimulate gross and fine motor skills as well as language and listening skills in a group of young adults with disability.

  • Speech Language Therapy Open Day

    Speech Language Therapy Open Day
  • Webinar: Student Support Services

    Webinar: Student Support Services

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