Postgraduate Programmes

The UKZN Speech-Language Therapy postgraduate programme

The UKZN Speech-Language Therapy postgraduate programme includes an offering to our Masters cohort once every quarter. The programme offers tailor made seminar packages to our students that are individualized with topics to cater for the stage of research they are currently at. The programme further offers guidance and workshops when preparing for conference presentations and writing for journal publications. These seminars and workshops are offered by both full time and honorary staff with expertise in the different topic areas.

The discipline further offers our Masters cohort regular opportunity to engage with all staff in the form of a round table discussion. Using this platform, staff offer advice and expertise to students in helping problem solve through any research related queries they may have.

Our Masters cohort also includes a student driven support group allowing them to gather and discuss important topics within a carefree and supportive environment. In addition to helping guide and support each other through their research, the support group also engages in discussions on topics relevant to the Master’s journey. Topics include self-care, managing perfectionism, imposter syndrome, fostering resilience and dealing with criticism, developing a growth mindset and maintaining motivation.

Through this programme, the discipline of Speech-language therapy aims to provide a supportive environment to help make the Master’s journey a successful and fulfilled experience.

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